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How do I start the game?

One benevolent user, Ruin, has created a handy little video on how to download and start the game! Click here to watch it!

How do I update the game?

Just download the new file and run! If it finds your save correctly you're clear to delete your old copy of the game. If it doesn't, check your existing game folder for the save file and then move it into the new one. This is almost never necessary for Windows users, but Mac/Linux users should be wary.

How do I install the fonts?

First, find the folder containing the game's fonts. It'll be where ever you unzipped the download to, /Pokemon Reborn/Fonts/
From here, you have two options:
1) Click each Font file to open it, and choose the install button. This will install the fonts onto your computer.
2) Select all of the font files and copy them to your clipboard. Navigate to Control Panel/Fonts/ and paste them there. This will install all of the fonts automatically.

What are the level caps for each badge?

Your present level cap is listed on your ingame trainer card, indicated by the first visible number (i.e. Lv##) after your last earned badge. Note that this means that your Pokemon will not start disregarding orders until they turn, for instance in the case of having 0 badges, level 21.

How can I find my save file?

Can I have multiple save files?

Easily! See above for instructions to find your save file. Once you have, all you need to do is rename the Game.rxdata file. For instance- Game1.rxdata. Then you can start a new game and both files will exist. Whichever file you want to be active should be named Game.rxdata

How do I load a backed up save file?

Using the same instructions above, all you have to do is rename one of the backups to Game.rxdata.

Can I turn down the volume of the program?

For this, you have two options. If you want to mute it completely, while in game, press F1. An options menu will appear and you can choose to mute either the music, the sounds, or both.
If you just wish to make it quieter, right click the volume icon at the bottom of your computer's ashtray. Select to open the Volume Mixer, and then you can adjust the slider for Pokemon Reborn individually.

Can I play in full screen?

At best, you can play the game in a full-ish screen mode by pressing Alt+Enter in-game. Pressing Alt+Enter again will toggle out of it.

My game is really laggy on the overworld; how do I fix this?

Weaker computers will always, to an extent, suffer frame drops from the program itself. Other users report that using this program set to RMXP can smooth out their game experience with the drawback of their in-game playtime becoming warped.

The game says 'RGSS player has stopped working' whenever the program is loaded. Why?

This problem occurs on random computers but CAN be fixed. Essentially, you need to change your Data Execution Prevention settings to allow Pokemon Reborn's Game.exe. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

The game crashes on my Wine Emulator. Can this be fixed?

Some sound files cause the game to crash on Wine emulators. You can remove these files, which will cause the game's audio to be somewhat barren, but the game will still be playable.
1- Navigate to the game folder /Audio/BGM/ and delete Battle- Meteor Admin.mp3
2- Navigate to /Audio/ME/ and delete all files in that folder.
The game should now operate safely!

Is there any possibility for the Reborn game on mobile platforms?

While someone did make an app to run RMXP games on mobile, it's proven incompatible with Pokemon Essentials games. Allegedly, a previous Essentials dev contacted the app developers and was trying to work on a solution with them but it may or may not pan out.

Where can I find X Pokemon?

As a personal policy, as the creator of the game, I do not give out answers to things like Pokemon locations, etc. I believe it's more fun to find those things on your own!
However, if you were to ask around on the forum, the server, other places, or even check out videos on Youtube, you might learn a thing or two~

My map connections glitched out and parts of maps or blackness slide across half the screen as I move. Help?

Unfortunately, this error happens completely randomly, and is often reported to go away randomly as well. You can try re-downloading the game but if that fails, come back to it later, or try and play the game as long as possible despite the error. It may fix itself.

When can I expect the next release?

Development times are often unpredictable, and there isn't really a specific time the next release can be expected. Instead, we recommend keeping up with the status thread in the Development Blog subforum.

Can I download past episodes of the game?

We do not recommend using past releases, as transferring between them can be unstable to the point of corrupting save files.

I have a problem that's not listed here. What should I do?

No, just kidding. Post on our Bug Reporting or Troubleshooting forums and we'll be sure to take a look at the issue and help you out ASAP.
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