This is an official notification under Section 512(c) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") in regards to the removal of infringing material on this server. The web server accessed at has been found in violation of copyright infringement and has been suspended at request of the DMCA client, Nintendo of America Inc. It is the duty of the party in ownership of the internet server platform to remove the infringing material immediately and cease any further posting of infringing material to the server in the future.

Please also be advised that law requires the server provider to remove and disable access to the infringing materials upon the application of this notice. Under US law a server provider enjoys immunity from copyright lawsuit provided that infringing material is investigated and removed with deliberate speed and all ongoing copyright infringement is rectified. If the server provider does not investigate and remove or disable the infringing material this immunity is forfeit.

This notice is provided in good faith with the reasonable belief that rights the prosecuting company owns are being infringed. Under penalty of perjury it is certified that the information contained in the notification is both true and accurate, and the DMCA maintains all authority to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright(s) involved.